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Hybrid mic

Page about the tapered hybrid boards

Documentation coming - in the meantime ask me if you have questions

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multi use board for tapered mic body

multi use board for tapered mic body

polarisation board for tapered mic body

polarisation pcb for tapered mic body

schematic for hybrid circuit

This schematic requires some explanation - coming soon.

Transformer is intended to be a Vigortronix VTX-101-002 2:1 ratio. Or the OEP equivalent which is identical. (In my build I actually used a VTX-101-003 wired as 3.2:1 ratio, just because I didn't have a spare of the 2:1)

This board is designed for tapered mic bodies such as those sold as a "mini U87"

There are 3 or maybe 4 distinct different circuits that can be built using this board, with or without a transformer, if you don't mind departing from the outlines on the silkscreen

A matching polarisation generator board is also available